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Lions back in the W Column

Lions back in the W Column

Calgary AB, January 20th - OLDS (92) at Ambrose (102)

In a high-scoring and fiercely contested battle at the Ambrose Gym, the Ambrose Lions emerged victorious against the Olds College Broncos with a final score of 102-92.

From the tip-off, both teams displayed an offensive mindset, with the first quarter seeing a close matchup. The Ambrose Lions managed to secure a narrow lead with a score of 29-27, showcasing their offensive prowess and determination. The second quarter continued to be tightly contested, as the Ambrose squad maintained their offensive momentum. With a combination of sharp shooting and effective ball movement, they added 25 points to their total. However, the Olds College Broncos stayed in the game, closing the gap to make it 54-45 at halftime. The third quarter witnessed an intensified effort from both teams. Ambrose extended their lead, outscoring Olds College 24-19 in the quarter. The Lions showcased a balanced attack, with contributions from multiple players, including key plays on both ends of the court. As the game entered its final quarter, the intensity reached its peak. Olds College mounted a comeback effort, putting up an impressive 28 points in the fourth quarter. However, the Ambrose Lions matched their opponent's intensity, scoring 24 points of their own and ultimately securing the win with a final score of 102-92.

#7 Gurech Gurech from the broncos had an outstanding game of 25 points and 8 assists. Logan Bennet Contributed 17 and Alonzo Tan had 16 points with 6 assists. #13, Ty Schenk, from the lions had an outstanding game with 33 points and 7 rebounds. Wisdom Sunday with 10 points and 9 rebounds. Mateja Vukic with 6 assists 5 rebounds and 11 points. a great team effort by the lions.

The lions are on the road to briercrest January 25th and 26th.

Players of the game

OLDS | #7 Gurech Gurech 

AMB | #13 Ty Schenk