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Ambrose Beats SAIT in Thrilling Match

Ambrose Beats SAIT in Thrilling Match

Calgary, AB - February 5th, 2024- SAIT (2) at AMB (4)

It was an electric atmosphere in the lions den tonight with the SAIT Trojans taking on the Ambrose Lions. Both teams played a very competitive match with the Ambrose Lions leaving with the win. The final score was 4-2 for the Lions 

The first half of the match was tight with two early goals scored by both teams. The lions pushed hard and finished the half with 2 goals to SAITs one. #24 Steven Canon-Almagro score one for the lions as well as #17 Brady DeCastro. Sait had a goal from #11 Ilyich Gharamadani. 

The second half had both teams fighting for the win, but the lions had some great defence and offinse and got two more goals to put them in the lead (#23 Jake Club and #17 Brady Decastro) #13 Abayomi Afolabi, the goalie for the lions had an amazing game with multiple saves to keep the lions in the lead. A late foul in the second half put the lions with 6 fouls which granted the Trojans a free kick to try and put them at 2 goals, but Abayomi made an azming save and kept them in the far lead. Sait pushed hard and scored one more goal in the second half to put them at 2 (#11 Ilyich Gharamadani) 

The final score was 4-2 for the lions. 

Both teams look forward to next weekend when they head off to prairie college for regionals. 

Players of the Game 

SAIT | Goalie: Isaiah Alibhai

AMB | Goalie: Abayomi Afolabi